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Patty Lafayllve

Patricia Lafayllve is the author of two books, “A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru” and “Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: an Introduction to the Goddess.”  She has also written several journal articles, and the first part of a modern retelling of Njal’s Saga.  She has been pagan for more thirty years, and a practicing heathen twenty.  As a life time member of The Troth, Patricia has served as Steward, High Steward, Redeswoman and Steerswoman.  

She founded The Troth’s Lore Program and serves as a Godwoman in the Clergy Program.  She is a seidhwoman and Freyjasgythja.

Patricia has served the heathen/Asatru community on both local and national levels, performing rituals, ceremonies, and presented lectures throughout the United States.
Patty is a proud member of Two Ravens Kindred and Bjornsal, earned her Master’s of English from Southern Connecticut State University, and currently lives near in New Haven, CT.

We would like to thank Llewellyn for sponsoring Patty at Paganicon 2018.