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Kari Tauring, völva - spiritual leader in the Nordic folk community and founder of the Völva Stav Guild
Volva Kari grew up in Minnesota with summers spent on her family farm in Wisconsin. Nature spirituality was infused with her Norwegian Lutheran upbringing and music played a central role in the spiritual life of her extended family. She began "peeking under the lefse" in 1989 as an undergraduate in linguistics, immersing herself in the runes, Norse mythology, cosmology, and metaphysics. Volva Kari began creating the tradition of "staving" in 2003 and bringing the ancient runes and rhythms into the Scandinavian folk music and dance community in Minneapolis in 2006. She was a recipient of a Traditional and Folk Arts Grant through the State of Minnesota in 2011 and 2012 to work with a Norwegian dance tradition bearer, combining rune body postures, meanings, and rhythms with traditional Norwegian dances.
Volva Kari has travelled extensively in Norway, Sweden and Finland to learn from relatives and colleagues and to teach her original curricula in Völva Stav and Nordic roots dance. She served the Midwest Heathen Community as völva from 2010 - 2014 and continues to promote and practice her culturally specific traditions throughout the United States. She is the author of "The Runes: A Deeper Journey" and an accompanying App for iPhone and has produced three major Nordic roots musical recordings through Kickstarter funds, Nykken and Bear (2013), Ljos (2016) and Svart (2016).
The Völva Stav Guild (est. 2012) is an association of professional women, artists, healers, midwives, and community leaders whose life and work is infused with the principals of Völva Stav. Central to their mission is helping European Americans connect to their own cultural roots and family of origin stories, to provide healing for these broken roots and a way to move away from the damages of "white people" into the healing of "people of culture." They are in their third year of hosting quarterly Nordic Women's Retreats in Minneapolis. The Guild will be assisting volva Kari with the opening ritual, Heathen Panel, and in her workshops on Nordic roots dance and Grith, Frith, and Boundary Setting.