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Sancista Brujo Luis

Sancista Brujo Luis has been professionally practicing various traditions of Caribbean Brujeria Witchcraft for over 20 years, since his late teens. He was taught by his grandmother who was a Presidente de Mesa in Puerto Rican Mesa Blanca Espiritismo. He has also been reading Tarot, doing palm readings and giving Spiritual Consultations since the age of 19 to his Hispanic community in Massachusetts.

Sancista Brujo Luis was born with the sight of clairvoyance and is a Medium/Channeler of the Puerto Rican Mesa Blanca tradition and baptized and received all the major puntos / initiations into the Puerto Rican Vodou tradition known as Sance. He is a Sancista, and a Santerista all of the Puerto Rican traditions. He also underwent various initiations into the Cuban Santeria Lukumi tradition in the early 90s, but he never felt quite comfortable with that Religion, so shortly afterwards he returned to his Puerto Rican eclectic roots and heritage.

Sancista Brujo Luis has been reading Tarot since 1989 and was baptized into Lukumi and received his Collares and Guerilleros in 1995. In June 14, 2004 he was baptized into Sanse and finished receiving all his Puntos the following year.

Today Sancista Luis mixes his blend of Puerto Rican Sanse with his Boricua heritage, Taino Behique and Bohitu Shanamic tradition, Bantu, Yoruba Spirituality, and European Spanish and Gitano Brujería and cartomancia. Sancista Luis has been influenced by American Voodoo, European Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Umbanda, and Christianity. He does Spiritual Consultations, using the Tarot, Palmistry and Tobacco smoke. He performs Spiritual Séances and Masses and holds Séances, and helps those who come to him in understanding their Spirits and Saints through a Spiritual Mass known as Investigacion and Alineacion de Cuadro. He is the author of Luz Y Progreso, A handbook for developing mediums. You can learn more about Sancista Brujo Luis on his Website.