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Daphi Pooyak

In her professional life Dpahie Pooyak Yeomans is a well respected cultural leader traveling across Canada to many First Nations events and gatherings where she is featured as a story teller and ceremonial woman. Daphie is a repsected youth worker who leads summer camps on traditional knowledge and skills for youth across Canada’s Cree reserves as well as working with the Canadian juvenile prison system in offering cultural wisdom to encarcerated youths as part of their rehabilitation.

In late March 2018 Daphie Pooyak Yeomans will be coming to the Twin Cities as a guest of Daughters and Sons of Yta, a pan Scandinavian cultural organization, to share her story of the Norse First contact here in the Twin Cities.

Daughters and Sons of Yta would like Daphie Pooyak Yeomans to reach a broader audience. The Cree first contact story is only now beginning to be studied by academia in Canada and is a fascinating new perspective on an old story that many Scandinavian Americans are proud of. The Thule Inuit people of Greenland have many stories as well that are just now being recorded and it is painting a much richer picture of the kind of trade and experiences that were shared by Scandinavian explorers and Frist nations people during the Dark Ages.