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Viking Encampment

With a renewed interest in Vikings with the History Channels’ Vikings, the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Capitol One commercials, 13th Warrior and Thor films, Vikings have been making an appearance is everyday media and entertainment.

In 2014, the Viking Encampment was established and became a go-to place for families to learn a bit about history. The group offered 5 shows a day on music and lore, weapons and fighting techniques and crafting. With a few months notice, the group built a Viking encampment from scratch and hopes to continue to build from its inaugural year to bigger and better things in 2015.

In 2015, the Viking Encampment added three new members and added a long house, a period Viking stove and increased the activity in the camp. Six shows a day, front gate, closing gate and parade responsibilities as well as being “on-call” for any marketing events that needed a character or two.

In 2016, the Viking Encampment shifted its focus away from a male Jarl, to a female. The former Jarl had been lost inn battle and his Jarlkona (wife) defended the throne against all takers. She took over and lead with military precision. Their presence at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival grew popular with families looking for positive female role models who didn’t fall under the princess category.

In 2017, the group increased its ranks to 17 – Jarl Aesa continued to lead this cast of reenactors, entertainer and historians. They increased their performances to two separate shows each day.

Group Bio:
Members of the Viking Encampment are a historical re-enactment/entertainment troupe. Based out of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, they focus on educating audiences on Viking history, warfare, culture and crafts. Many of them practice the Norse faith and will be bringing their demonstrations to PaganCon.

You can follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/VikingEncampment and on Instagram at VIkingEncampment.

Group Objective:
Continue to create entertaining and educational opportunities for the audience while attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with appropriate activities.

Participating Members (as of November 11, 2017), appearances are subject to change:
•Anj Olsen (Jarl Aesa)
•Steven Larson (Gunnar Vollan)
•Luc Darcy (Fingar Gulbrandson)
•Quinn Bertelsen (Ralaf the Squirrel)
•MacKenzie Forrester (Gríma Stendottir (The Archer))
•Bjorn Noher (Bjørn Järvinnen (The Finn))

The Viking Encampment will be presenting a Shield Wall and weapons demonstration.