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Kari Tauring

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kari Tauring is a Minneapolis based Nordic folk musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader- a völva in Old Norse. Her original spiritual system is called Völva Stav and uses staff and stick rhythm, ancestral history, runes and songs, and alignment with the world tree to heal öorlog for her family of origin, community, and culture. She is the founder of the Völva Stav Guild, a group of eight women who use the principals of Völva Stav in their personal and professional lives. https://www.volvastavguild.com/

Tauring's book, "The Runes: A Deeper Journey" and accompanying iPhone Ap is now a three-session online course through Needfire Academy. "Frith and Grith: Boundary Setting in Norse Tradition" was her first online class.
Tauring has been a frequent guest performer and presenter at Paganicon over the last decade. She travels widely in the US and Scandinavia to perform and present her work in Volva Stav. She has several Nordic root recordings, all available on her website: KariTauring.com