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Samuel David

Springfield, Illinois
Samuel David is a Mesopotamian polytheist, artist, writer, researcher, and educator.

His first book is awaiting publication with Nephilim Press. Once published, this book, and those which follow, will offer readers the opportunity to initiate themselves into a Mesopotamian mystery tradition akin to that of the mystery traditions of Isis, Persephone, Orpheus, and Dionysus in Greece.

He is also involved with the Temple of Sumer and networks with fellow Mesopotamian polytheists and pagans across the world, keeping the spiritual traditions of the Mesopotamian people relevant in the modern world. His work will be included in the temple’s forthcoming publication “Walking the Sumerian Path”. Additional works have been published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

His presentations at local pagan festivals, national, and international conventions include lectures, rituals, and workshops.

His adaptation of “The Descent of Inanna” is slated for inclusion as classroom material for California State University, Los Angeles’ ancient history syllabus in 2020